Paulsen SG Teaser I

Turn the volume up to 100%! A little insight into the shaping of surfboards.


A clip by MJ Nalu Life Creations.

Landlocked Shaper

Wow! Hard to believe, a short documentary about Paulsen Surf Garage! Paul shares what shaping and surfing mean to him. The location of the film was in Spain (Verdifornia) and, of course, in the garage. Stoke Stoke Stoke!


A film by Sabine M. Probst


Incredible insights into the production, cinematically packaged. We still get goosebumps. Popcorn ready, put on headphones, turn it up full blast.


Produced by Boris Krämer –


Paulsen Surf Garage Teaser II

Ab geht die Party! Ein kleiner Einblick in das Glassing mit Resin Art – The Nalu Board.


A clip by MJ Nalu Life Creations.


Paulsen x KurierTV – Wakesurfing & Shaping Surfboards

Here, we had a visit from Michael Baumgartner & KurierTV. Chrisi and Paulsen will tell you about shaping surfboards and their inspiration. After that, we get Michi on the board and go for a round of surfing.


Article by Michael Baumgartner and KurierTV.